Stop 5G Cell Towers from damaging our Health & our Communities

Stop 5G Cell Towers from damaging our Health & our Communities

Stop 5G Cell Towers from damaging our Health & our CommunitiesStop 5G Cell Towers from damaging our Health & our Communities

1000s of Small Cell Towers and 5G Microwave Systems are being installed in our communities. What is the long term impact?

Families for an RF Healthy Environment

Attention: Note that Facebook and other social media is attempting to block / censure any post linking the impact of 5G on the immune system and the pandemic. Please take this into account when you surf this any any other site on the cell tower topic. 


Thoughts on the current crisis

5G is not causing Covid-19. However high frequency radiation has been  scientifically proven to effect the immune system. I think there is a  possibility that areas with large scale 5G rollouts such as Wuhan, the  SF Bay Area, LA, New York and the Lombardy region of Italy may be acting as petri dishes taking contagions and turning them into epidemics which  then spread everywhere.
The establishment media is wetting themselves with fear at the moment and are publishing everything they can to ridicule the idea. Do your own research.

Countries such as Switzerland, Slovenia and Russia in the last few weeks have all announced they are likely to delay their roll outs. 

Contact your elected representative and ask simply for the Human Impact  Studies that should have been done before 5G was rolled out.
Ignore the "it's only a conspiracy theory" talk, again do your own research.

Who Are We?

We are a community organization focused on stopping the blight of Small Cell Tower and 5G Microwave (mm and sub mm waves are biologically active) installations in our Communities. We ask that you approach this issue with an open mind. If you are concerned please contact us and get involved. Help us get the information out there. Help us with your time and effort. Print and display our pamphlets. Help us get the telecommunications infrastructure we need safely, ethically and responsibly. 

The Issue

The Telecom Industry is building thousands of Small Cell Towers on PG&E and light poles in our community. This will affect your health and your home equity. 

So does RF radiation effect us, lets find out from the experts

The International Agency for Research on Cancer currently categorizes low frequency EMF radiation as a class 2B possible carcinogen.  Based on the  newest evidence reviewed the IARC have now suggested that the current categorization of RFR as a possible human carcinogen should be upgraded to Carcinogenic to Humans  (Group 1). So anyone who says there is no valid science on this is lying to you

There are lots of serious organizations opposing this.


What do the Insurance Companies Think?

“The Electromagnetic Fields Exclusion (Exclusion 32) is a General  Insurance Exclusion and is applied across the market as standard. The  purpose of the exclusion is to exclude cover for illnesses caused by  continuous long-term non-ionising radiation exposure i.e. through mobile  phone usage.” CFC Underwriting LTD in London, the UK agent for Lloyd’s 

Real Scientists Oppose 5G


As of April 4, 2020, 224,562 people and organizations from 210 nations and territories have signed this Appeal.

A good technical overview 


Be aware there are more environmentally and aesthetically friendly approaches to delivering us the infrastructure we need, but the industry does not want to spend this extra money.

Tell your elected representatives that you will NOT accept this. Tell Verizon, On Air LLC, MasTec and San Jose City Council that you will NOT accept this.

Locals are organizing


Do your own research. 

Most importantly do your own research, share with us what you learn about the possible medical effects of future and current RF levels. We are not out just to spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) but are asking each member of our community to do their duty and help ensure we have RF healthy communities while having the telecommunications infrastructure we need going forward. 

A Thought For You.

We often see quotations from the American Cancer Society, the FCC and the FDA. Given the serious questions recently on the conflicts of interest involving the “non-profit” American Cancer Society and the revolving door relationship between the FDA, FCC and lobbyists, politicians and industry, we must acknowledge respective interests when considering information presented regarding this issue. 


Local Update

An expanded cell tower system has been approved to go on St. Christopher's  bell tower at Curtner and Booksin in San Jose . This was something done  without parental or community involvement.  Note that from the schools own figures the parking lot / playground of the school has RF levels of 3.1% of the FCC levels (24/7).  Next time you talk to school officials you could mention that this is 310% of what is allowable in Italy and of course including Vatican City.

Switzerland’s environmental agency has called a halt to the switching on  of 5G, but the country’s biggest telecoms company is still planning to  roll out masts.  



The 5G Trojan Horse (Documentary)



How Toxic Is Your Cell Phone? (2020 iPhone radiation lawsuit)

Council Hits ‘Big Fat Pause Button’ on 5G Antennas

Santa Barbara City Council Reverses Course, Delays Vote on Verizon Licensing Agreement 



Stop 5G Global Protest Day - Saturday April 25th / Sunday April 26th


On April 15th, 2019, the IRREGULATORS filed to appeal an FCC decision and expose one of the largest accounting scandals in American history. 19 Years ago the FCC, with the help of AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink,  and with a single stroke was able to manipulate the federal accounting rules to always make the wired utility networks appear unprofitable, and have the state utility customers fund all of the companies’ other services, from the fiber optics for FiOS, or U-verse, to the Wireless to Business Data Services. and in 2018, the FCC decided to continue these rules for 6 more years.


Send your legislators a message urging them to oppose  5G and wireless expansion:

City Council approves temporary 5G ban in Keene         


Never let a crisis go to waste. The establishments is acting while we are distracted.

On Match 23th President Trump quietly signed this into law.

Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020

This bill requires the  President, in consultation with relevant federal agencies, to develop a  strategy to secure and protect U.S. fifth and future generations (5G)  systems and infrastructure.

Such strategy shall (1) ensure the  security of 5G wireless communications systems and infrastructure within  the United States; (2) assist mutual defense treaty allies, strategic  partners, and other countries in maximizing the security of 5G systems  and infrastructure; and (3) protect the competitiveness of U.S.  companies, privacy of U.S. consumers, and integrity of standards-setting  bodies.

On Thursday, March 19th, Governor Newsom announced his intention to expand the deployment of wireless infrastructure in schools, during the COVID-19 quarantine.
Governor Newsom’s office statement:

“With schools closed across the state and teachers struggling to  implement online and alternative learning programs, the governor also  asked for an expansion of technology investments for schools, an increase in Title I funding for schools with a high concentration of poverty, broadband internet upgrades, grants for teachers to adapt to digital-age instruction…”

 Towers were being installed at Hoover middle school this past Friday. 



The Chinese are destroying 5G cell towers
I do not know if this is because they are worried about the impact of 5G on their immune system or rather if they are concerned about the government surveillance of them.
Not a confirmed story if this is even happening at all, we know the mainstream media is not talking about it. 

 China, 5G, And The Wuhan Coronavirus: The Emperor’s New Virus


Look as the main stream media tries to frantically shut  down any connection between Radio Frequency and the effect on the  immune system.


Warning: Note that this is a bit out there but is worth watching anyway. Assume it will be marked as fake news.   Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D. hypothesizes that Coronavirus may be history repeating itself and caused by 5G. Shot at the Health And Human Rights Summit in Tucson, Arizona on March 12, 2020.  


The country of Slovenia has postponed the approval of spectrum to support 5G services until the effects of the technology on humans and the environment are investigated. Slovenia's Minister of Administration, Rudy Medved, told the Slovenian media, "Questions about the harmfulness of 5G technology are legitimate." Translate and read the news report here.


More of the media wetting themselves


Pandemic Bill Mandate Accelerated 5G Rollout



Surely in a free society all discussion is allowed. It should be obvious to any free thinker that the establishment is trying a bit too hard to shut down any discussion of the impacts of RFR on the immune system.

 Who are ICNIRP?


Academics / Peer Reviewed Documents / White Papers

Adverse health effects of 5G mobile networking technology under real-life conditions


Cancer epidemiology update, following the 2011 IARC evaluation of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (Monograph 102)


•    Increased risk of brain, vestibular nerve and salivary gland tumors are associated with mobile phone use.

•    Nine studies (2011–2017) report increased risk of brain cancer from mobile phone use.

•    Four case-control studies (3 in 2013, 1 in 2014) report increased risk of vestibular nerve tumors.

•    Concern for other cancers: breast (male & female), testis, leukemia, and thyroid.

•    Based on the evidence reviewed it is  our opinion that IARC's current categorization of RFR as a possible  human carcinogen (Group 2B) should be upgraded to Carcinogenic to Humans  (Group 1).

This paper was prepared for and revised  with the Epidemiology Working Group of the Expert Forum: Wireless  Radiation and Human Health at the Hebrew University, January 23–26,  2017. sponsored by the Israel Institute for Advanced Study  and Environmental Health Trust, with support from the U.S. National  Institutes of Health/ National Institute of Environmental Health  Sciences and Dr. Lucy R. Wiletzky.


Utah company claims iPhone radiation levels are at twice the legal limit

The testing was conducted at RF Exposure Lab, based in San Marcos, California 


The alteration of spontaneous low frequency oscillations caused by acute electromagnetic fields exposure.



Planetary electromagnetic pollution: it is time to assess its impact


Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health


Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy - Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression



EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses.


Impacts on cell growth rate of mmw. - May cause antibiotics to be less effective. 


The human skin as a sub-THz receiver - Does 5G pose a danger to it or not?


Overproduction of free radical species in embryonal cells exposed to low intensity radiofrequency radiation.


Tinnitus and cell phones: the role of electromagnetic radiofrequency radiation.


Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Radiation Damage to Lens Epithelium


Electromagnetic  fields may act via calcineurin inhibition to suppress immunity, thereby  increasing risk for opportunistic infection: Conceivable mechanisms of  action.


Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression.

Harvard Ethics Department ebook, "Captured Agency: How the FCC Is Dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates”: 


Non-thermal continuous and modulated electromagnetic radiation fields effects on sleep EEG of rats



Epidemiological evidence for a health risk from mobile phone base stations. 


Biological Effects from Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation Emitted by Cell Tower Base Stations and Other Antenna Arrays 


This US Navy report from 1972 documents the connection of 122 bioeffects  to microwaves. Dr. Zorach Glaser, PhD of the US Navy presented a  research report covering more than 2,200 studies, which link weak  wireless signals (microwave radiation) to more than 122 biological  effects. “Bibliography of Reported Biological Phenomena (Effects) and  Clinical Manifestations attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency  Radiation.” 



Human Exposure to RF Fields in 5G Downlink


Final reports from the rat and mouse studies of 2G and 3G cell phone RF  


Giuliani L, Soffritti M. Non-thermal effects and mechanisms of interaction  between electromagnetic fields and living matter. ICEMS Monograph, 


Investigation on the health of people living near mobile telephone relay stations



Mortality by neoplasia and cellular telephone base stations in the Belo Horizonte municipality, Minas Gerais state, Brazil



Increased incidence of cancer near a cell- phone transmitter station.


Microwave Sickness


 All over the UK Mature trees are being cut down in perpetration for 5G. Watch to see it happen here. 


As alarming as the evidence suggesting 5G will be harmful, is the lack of evidence that it will be safe.  US Senator Blumenthal Raises Concerns on 5G Wireless Technology Health Risks at Senate Hearing 

"The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" -- Dr Devra Davis


Dr. Martin Pall To The NIH: "The 5G Rollout Is Absolutely Insane."

Potential Risks to Human Health from Future Sub-MM Communication Systems: Paul Ben-Ishai, PhD

International Scientist Appeal on Electromagnetic Fields, Martin Blank, PhD Spokesperson

The Stunning Politics Behind It

The telecommunications industry lobbying has rigged the system against you, against the city and against democracy. The Telecommunications Act of 1996, 6409(a) of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 and SB 649 were the first hints for us that the regulatory agencies, industries and the government aren't on our side.  

The current FCC thermal exposure limit was adopted by the FCC all the way back in 1996, 23 years ago. Then the Industry lobbied Congress to prohibit the EPA from releasing any guidelines on non-thermal effects (DNA damage, nerve damage and psychological injuries etc.) . The 1996 Bill that Congress passed defunded the EPA’s work in this area and contained language specifically prohibiting the EPA from increasing its regulations. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 gave authority over the health effects of wireless technology to a non-health agency–the FCC. Note that these 23 year old limits are far higher than anywhere else in the developed world (over 10 times higher).


"The Telecommunications Act of 1996 *outright restricts* consideration of  health & safety  (Environmental Effects) when it comes to land use for wireless siting.  The Federal Law states that towns can not take that in to consideration  when rendering a decision. " 


Section 6409(a) of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 mandates that a State or local government approve certain wireless broadband facilities siting requests for modifications and collocations of wireless transmission equipment on an existing tower or base station that does not result in a substantial change to the physical dimensions of such tower or base station. Note this says nothing about power output or even what type of new technology can be added. 

The industry tried to pass SB 649 (authored by Sen. Ben Hueso, D-San Diego and co-authored by Assemblyman Bill Quirk, D-Hayward). The Bill was to enable placement of powerful microwave radiation antennas called ‘small cells’ on utility poles, street lamps, traffic lights and street signs throughout California neighborhoods as well as refrigerator-sized “associated power equipment” on sidewalks.

According to Scientists for Wired Technology the new (and unnecessary) layer of ultra-high frequency antennas, potentially in the millions, will be located right outside homes and businesses, and as close as 10-15 feet from 2nd story windows. They will operate 24/7 and present significant biological and health risks to residents. Also, antenna emissions have been calculated on the basis of 6 Watts of power, yet there is the potential to turn up the power to 300 to 500 Watts, with no monitoring required.

Note, over 200 scientists from 41 nations, with expertise in the biological and health effects of Radio Frequency/Microwave, have appealed to the United Nations to protect humans and wildlife from wireless technologies. 


At the same time, SB 649 tried to usurp city and county planning rights provided for in the California Constitution, Article XI and Article XII, Section 8, overriding local decision-making authority in favor of the commercially motivated expansion desires of the wireless industry. Governor Brown vetoed this bill. At election time please remember that your state elected representatives passed this bill. 

Now if you think the industry and the federal agencies are the only bad guys, hear this. Newly released public records show that California public health officials worked for five years on a set of guidelines to warn the public about the potential dangers of cell phones, revising their work 27 times with updated research before abandoning the efforts without ever making their concerns public until ordered by a judge. 

The 27 versions of the guidelines, show that California health officials deleted a section that warned state employees with work-issued cell phones about the potential increased  risk for brain cancer from use of the devices over time. The final version of  the guidelines was just a broad warning to the public about exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones.  

More recently California Assembly’s Committee on Communications and Conveyance (including our Assemblyman Evan Low)  just bucked standard procedure and railroaded through a vote to amend net neutrality bill SB 822 by adding gaping loopholes asked for by ISPs like Comcast and AT&T, who are top donors to the committee members. 

These are horrendous abuses of corporate power and disgraceful betrayals by the people we elected to protect us and our property. 


Do Your Own Research on Cell Towers and 5G Microwave Technology

Locals are organizing


FCC bulling and the fight against it, Note in San Jose it's only about the money. Remember that at election time


The people who designed all of this tech that we are addicted to do not expose their kids to it. Why should I blindly affect the mental and physical health of my kids just to have the latest phone, app or bit of tech. Sheep blindly being led along by tech bosses that know exactly what they are doing. Same with 5G, given the gigantic amount of new research I cannot believe that the impacts are not known within Industry.  https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jan/12/tech-bosses-kids-time-smartphones-parents-mental-health 

U.S. House Reps Confront FCC on Not Changing 23-Year-Old RF Exposure Limits for Current Wireless Tech Despite Research Proving Harm 


Why the Swiss are rebelling against 5G rollout 


5G phones and your health: What you need to know



Test finds iPhone 7 emitted twice the amount of radiation reported to regulators


RF Exposure Class Action Suit


Lawyer, Sue Grey Talks To Tim Lynch about 5G & More (Aug 22, 19)


5G Crisis is a project of Americans for Responsible Technology, an  association of local community organizations and individuals who are  committed to promoting new technologies that advance our common  interests while protecting the health, safety, security, privacy and  property values of all Americans. 


New Hampshire HB522  establishing a commission to study the environmental and health effects of evolving 5G technology.


2016 Physicians for Safe Technology  


5G: Prince of the Air by Nicholson1968



Sacramento City Council Meeting 5G Discussion


Ronald Melnick PhD, the National Institutes of Health Senior Scientist who led the design of the National Toxicology Program (NTP) studies on cell phone radiation released this statement after the NTP released their final reports on rats and mice exposed to long term radiofrequency radiation November 1, 2018.



AT&T  fake 5Ge (not actually 5G) ,it is part of an effort to get people used  to the concept of 5G in general. For example talking to an AT&T  customer about the dangers of 5G and they will tell you that this  rubbish as they have had 5Ge for a  while and no one has got sick. It's both a cynical marketing ploy and  an indoctrination program.

Why are all the Trees Gone?



How the new 5G network could wreak havoc on weather forecasts


Wireless Radiation: Stop the 5G Network on Earth and in Space, Devastating Impacts on Health and the Environment



Another Elected Official Asks The FCC To Provide Documentation That 5G Is Safe


How to File an ADA Accommodations Request for Electrosensitivity  to Avoid Small Cells and Wifi  


San Jose's rollout of of SmartPoles in preperation for 5G


Lloyd’s November 2010 Risk Assessment Team’s Report gives us a solid clue: the report compares these wireless technologies with asbestos, in that the early research on asbestos was “inconclusive” and only later did it become obvious to anyone paying attention that asbestos causes cancer. 


Radiation concerns halt Brussels 5G development, for now


Plan For 5G Cell Phone Towers Raises Health Concerns In Moraga 



 "Eight  children have been diagnosed with cancer at the same  elementary school  - prompting parents' fears that a cell phone tower  could be to blame.   The affected students at Weston Elementary School  in Ripon are all  under the age of 10, each with different types of  cancer: brain,  kidney, liver and lymphoma.  Sprint, which owns the  tower, has shut it  down despite insisting the radio frequency levels are  100 times below  the federal limit."


Microwave News covers the entire non-ionizing  electromagnetic spectrum, with emphasis on mobile phones and power  lines, as well as radar and broadcast towers. In addition, we cover  medical applications of different types of fields and radiation, as well  as the ability of various species to navigate using the Earth’s  magnetic field. 


Finnish Citizens seek to ban 5G Technology in Finland owing to its Adverse Impact on Human Health


How To Survive Dangers of 5G


 CEO of 1 Billion-dollar U.K. company speaks out on microwave sickness: 


Health effects of 5G


Just like the FCC and the telecom companies, the FAA totally in bed with Boeing


Fourth Ripon student has cancer. Parents demand removal of cell tower from school            


FCC rules change threatens to delay 5G cellphone upgrade rollout


1977 Russian Study Re: Biological Effects Of 5G Millimeter Wave



France Adopts Law to Regulate Exposure to Radio Frequency ...


5G Gigantic health hazard - Dr Barrie Trower & Sir Julian Rose

5G Wireless: A Dangerous ‘Experiment on Humanity’


Wireless wake-up call | Jeromy Johnson | TEDxBerkeley


Wireless Warfare Exposed. Includes ways to protect your family.  


The award-winning documentary Take Back Your Power  uncovers the shocking story behind why hundreds of local governments  are standing against the multi-billion dollar rollout of ‘smart’ utility  meters. Take a journey of revelation, examining evidence of in-home  privacy invasions, systemic over-billing, extortion, health &  environmental harm, fires and unprecedented hacking vulnerability. And  be inspired by emerging solutions. 


20,000 Satellites for 5G to be Launched Sending Focused Beams of Intense Microwave Radiation Over Entire Earth


Weather management using space-based power system   - Patent  application about using microwaves beamed from satellites to aluminum oxide in the atmosphere that will have to be sprayed by airlines.   


UN Staff Member: 5G Is War on Humanity


Why they want 5G - Sentient World Simulation and NSA Surveillance


The Architecture of Radio is a data visualization, based on global  open datasets of cell tower, Wi-Fi and satellite locations. Based on  your GPS location the app shows a 360 degree visualization of signals  around you. The dataset includes almost 7 million cell towers, 19  million Wi-Fi routers and hundreds of satellites. A site specific  version of the app includes wired communication infrastructure embedded  in the exhibition space. It's aim is to provide a comprehensive window into the infosphere.  


5G Expert warns about 5G


Veteran MD Drops Bombshell At 5G Hearing


Derrick Broze Educates Houston City Council on 5G Tech


A comprehensive guide to the messy, frustrating science of cellphones and health


Gary C. Vesperman Website of Papers and Items of Interest by PADRAK 


Remember how corrupt the Cancer Charities are, this time with big pharma but also with the telecom companies. 


 The environment is under threat from a multitude of actions especially  the ubiquitous roll out of telecoms transmitters. Greed and profit come  before the environment and people’s health. 5G is an existential threat  to all of us and our environment. this known cancer-causing radiation  will make us ill and damage the country and the economy. 


On August 22, 2018, PC Magazine published John Dvorak’s  article, “The Problem with 5G” which cites health risks as a major  concern with this technology.  On August 26, 2018 Activist Post published an article about John’s article.  Unfortunately, John was fired on September 20 and PC Magazine replaced this article’s link with an article written by someone else.  They also relocated John’s article to a different link. 


 Dr. Martin Pall To The NIH: "The 5G Rollout Is Absolutely Insane."


 UK Woman Detained At Mental Health Facility For Claiming 5G & WiFi Radiation Is Harmful To Health! 


Senator Patrick Colbeck  Testifies Against 5G: Hearing 2018


Microwave Dangerous to Fertility - Turn off your router before bed


Your Elected Officials Received How Much $$ From AT&T, Verizon and Comcast??


Marin Voice: 5G could be coming to a telephone pole near you


 Bay Area city blocks 5G deployments over cancer concerns


In less than a generation, cell phones and the Internet have  revolutionized virtually every aspect of our lives, transforming how we  work, socialize and communicate. But what are the health consequences of  this invisible convenience? Generation Zapped reveals the dangers  associated with prolonged exposure to wireless technology, including  health risks such as infertility and cancer. 


20% Discount code IgotZapped20% (this code is case sensitive)

Residents in San Rafael have launched a pre-emptive effort to  prevent telecoms from installing small cell antennas throughout the  city.


Wireless Warfare Exposed - Declassified Military Doc Proves Smart Phones Are Killing Mankind


My Street, My Choice! web site contains information and links to help residents fight the unconstitutional onslaught of 4G/5G Close Proximity Microwave Radiation Antennas (CPMRA) being proposed in residential zones, which is already a proven health, safety and liability hazard. 


5G Information


Ramazzini Study on Radiofrequency Cell Phone Radiation: The World’s  Largest Animal Study on Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link


New records show how state reworked secret cell phone warnings


Advocacy based on Scientists' research of the hazards of pulsed, data-modulated, Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation 



The 5G Network: What You Don't Know May Kill You


Other studies highlight additional potential health effects of 5G. For example, an article by Dr. Cindy Russell in Santa Clara Medical Association’s The Bulletin references  a number of studies linking 5G millimeter wavelengths to heart  problems, birth defects, decreased antibiotic sensitivity, cataracts,  and immune system suppression. Dr. Russell calls strongly for the  development of safety regulations and thorough pre-market testing of 5G  technologies.  


Scientific  and policy developments regarding the health effects of   

electromagnetic radiation exposure from cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, and other wireless technology 


The  Internet of Things Poses Human Health Risks: Scientists Question  the  Safety of Untested 5G Technology at International Conference


ConsumerWatch: 5G Cellphone Towers Signal Renewed Concerns Over Impacts on Health



Bay Area Residents Worried About Radiation Face Uphill Battle Fighting Cell Towers


Golden Gate Neighbors Against Cell Antennas 


How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special Investigation


Parents/residents  working together against Verizon's proposal to install a wireless tower  with 6 antennas in the Cupertino High School football field


 Parents For Safe Technology



California: Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes bill easing permits on cell phone towers


By Tracy Seipel tseipel@bayareanewsgroup.com

No Cell Tower In Our Neighborhood


 5G and the IOT: Scientific Overview of Human Health Risks


Scientists  warn of  potential serious health effects of 5G


 5G Radiation Dangers – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned


Frightening Frequencies: The Dangers of 5G & What You Can Do About Them


Wireless Facility Siting: Model Chapter Implementing Section 6409(a) and

Wireless Facility Siting: Section 6409(a) Checklist 


Top 10 Things the Wireless Industry Doesn’t Tell You about Small Cells


Verizon withdrew application for towers in Sebastopol 2 days after a superb letter from EMF Safety was sent to the city planning committee


Santa Rosa puts Verizon wireless network upgrade on hold amid blowback from residents  


By Kevin McCallum kevin.mccallum@pressdemocrat.com 

Repeal Section 704 of the "Telecommunications Act of 1996"


Major Cell Phone Radiation Study Reignites Cancer Questions



Is 5G technology dangerous? Early data shows a slight increase of tumors in male rats exposed to cellphone radiation


 By Jim Puzzanghera jim.puzzanghera@latimes.com 

Residents worried about small cell safety have been waiting years for federal guidance 


Cell Towers & Antennas—How Close is Too Close?


Position on the Health Effects from Radio Frequency/Microwave (RF/MW) Radiation  in Fire Department Facilities  from Base Stations for Antennas and  Towers for the Conduction of Cell Phone Transmissions 


Firefighters Don’t Want 5G Cell Towers Near Their Stations, But 50+ Federal Bills Allow Them Pretty Much Everywhere   


Firefighters in California counties from San Francisco to Sacramento to  Los Angeles, have reported severe neurological damage, headaches,  insomnia, memory problems and confusion after 5G towers were installed outside their stations.  


The American Cancer Society Trivializes Cancer Risks: Blatant Conflicts of Interest


Verizon offloads towers to American Tower for $5B


5G Bytes: Beamforming Explained


Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity


Brain tumors are one of the commonest causes of cancer death in 15-25 year olds


Brain Tumor Highest Cause of Cancer in Teens and Young Adults


 No Cell Towers in Front of Our Home - Fundraising



National Association of Realtors -Cell Towers, Antennas Problematic for Buyers

Property Values Declining Near Cell Towers

Real Estate Survey: Do Cell/Grid Towers Impact a Property’s Desirability?

NYTimes - A Pushback Against Cell Towers

A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley


Products And Businesses

Health Impacts


Should we be concerned?

Acceptable levels in the US are at least 10 to 10,000 times greater than the rest of the developed world. See more at https://ehtrust.org/.


Are the current limits healthy

The current FCC limit is 1000 μW/cm². Many studies see impacts to health at lower levels. See the  Sage & Pall, January 2014, Presentation to Washington State – Symptoms and RF levels in Various Cell Tower Studies 


https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12168254 Investigation on the health of people living near mobile telephone relay stations

Scientific and policy developments

Scientific and policy developments regarding the health effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure from cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, and other wireless technology

See the full table here (remember the FCC limit of 1000  μW/cm² ) 





 International Appeal

Scientists call for Protection from Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Field Exposure


 We envision a world free of EMF pollution where children, communities,  and nature thrive!  Our mission is to educate and empower people by  providing science and solutions to reduce EMFs to improve lives, achieve  public policy change, and obtain environmental justice. 


 Scientific and policy developments regarding the health effects of  electromagnetic radiation exposure from cell phones, cell towers,  Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, and other wireless technology 


 EHT is led by Dr. Devra Davis, PhD,. MPH, an award-winning,  internationally renowned scientist who also was the founding director of  the Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology of the U.S. National  Research Council, National Academy of Sciences. 


California non profit working to protect public health 


 EM Watch was created in 2008, and completely revised in 2014. It is  about electromagnetic radiation and the harm it can do to your health. 

Contact Your Elected Representatives

Sen. Dianne Feinstein 


Telecom Services & Equipment Contributions - $105,900 

Sen. Kamala Harris 


Telecom Services & Equipment Contributions - $75,935 

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren 


Telecom Services & Equipment Contributions -  $123,100  (2018 -  $4,000)

Congressman Ro Khanna


Telecom Services & Equipment Contributions - $4,410 

State Senator Jim Beall


Telecom Services & Equipment Contributions - $41,975 

Assembly Member Evan Low


Note that Evan Low just voted to gut the state Net Neutrality Bill (SB 822) by allowing gaping loopholes asked for by Comcast and AT&T .

Telecom Services & Equipment Contributions - $82,657 (2018 -  $24,950)


Councilmember Pam Foley District 9


San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo 


Telecom Services & Equipment Contributions - $2,675 


Contact the City Employees and the Joint Pole Authority

Ryan Do, 

City of San Jose Department of Public Work
Division Manager 

408 535-6899 


San Jose  Planning Commission  
Nick Pham, Chair
Michelle Yesney
(408) 535-7721 

Joint Pole Authority, 

Northern California Joint Pole Association

1800 Sutter Street, Suite 830
Concord, CA 94520





Contact Verizon


Verizon Wireless HQ

Resolution Management

1 Verizon Way, 

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097 


Note that Verizon refused to give us a contact individual on this issue.


Who is "On Air"?

Verizon is installing hundreds of cell towers in San Jose. Contact their agents On Air NOW to see if your community is being targeted.

The company seems to have pulled down their website but we found this. 

Christopher Fowler

On Air, LLC


(650) 888-0809

Their office is:
465 First St. West, Suite 101, Sonoma, CA 95476 (Possibly just a PO Box)

Tel: 707 933-9633

Fax 707 933-9611

Note that there is another Non Connected company called On Air Wireless. https://onairwirelessgroup.com


We received this from On Air on June 7th

Thank you very  much for your comments and feedback on the proposed small cell site at  2512 Fairglen Drive, in San Jose  The 20 day public notification period  is prior to permit submittal  so On Air / Verizon can receive feedback from the community about the  proposed project. We have received many comments and questions about this site and we take your concerns very seriously.  At this time, we  are evaluating options within the area and will not be submitting an application to San Jose DPW in the near future until we can complete  further analysis. We will be more than happy to reach out to you once  we have updated information to provide.   



On June 8th  a Verizon contractor  (Mastec) was found surveying the site. This crew is likely to be the installers as well. 

Who is Mastec


MasTec, Inc.
800 S. Douglas Road, 10th Floor
Coral Gables, FL 33134 

305.599.1800 Main
800.444.7797 Toll Free
305.406.1960 Fax


California  Address

3443 Airport Rd, Sacramento, CA 95834 


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